First of all thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers over the last year. We have decided to create a blog to have an outlet for anyone who is interested in updates on Lances condition a place to come and be informed. The title of the blog "A future and a hope" comes from Jeremiah 29:11, which is a verse that has given our family alot of comfort through these challenging times. Because as my Dad has said, no matter what happens we have already won! I would encourage you to pass on the location of this site to anyone that you may believe would be interested in updates. -Justin

Monday, February 28, 2011

Late update and a Graduation

We are overwhelmed with gratitude...... We can't even begin to express how much all the love and support shown to us means....... What an encouragement...... We have felt it all along but to see and hear from so many people at the benefit and in notes and cards who care for Lance and our family was just awesome... Our family is humbled and so thankful........ THANK YOU, just isn't enough.... God has used all of you to lift us up during this difficult time for our family..... Thank you!!!

Lance had his appointment in Iowa City on Friday. He has been really tired this week and just didn't feel to good, so I was glad we were going so they could check him out. His doctor is so funny and keeps things light. Told her how tired Lance was (he slept a huge part of the week). She just crossed her arms and smiled....saying....What do you expect you just had a transplant not quite three months ago. You are doing just great! So obviously they are happy with his progress but he is ready to be all better now.... They are going to try and lower his steroids a little more and see how the GVH does.... after this last week I'm a little concerned but they told us they can always up them again if needed. He will go back in two weeks for lots of blood work, DNA testing, and another bone marrow biopsy, all to see how the new stem cells are growing and hopefully NOT the cancer!! He will have another lung test pretty soon also to see if there is any damage. We had thought after the last one that he worked so hard to pass with flying colors that he was out of danger from anymore damage but that is not the case yet. So we would appreciate prayer for continued healing, and protection from all the dangers that he still faces for awhile yet. His liver counts were up a bit (from all the meds) but the doctor didn't seem to concerned at this point. We so appreciate all the prayers! So all in all things went well and like Lance would say... Life is Good! God is Good!

Congratulations to Elisabeth!! She just finished her senior year!! She started all her classes during the summer because she knew Lance would be going in the hospital and we weren't sure how much she would get done during that time. She is celebrating her first day of no school by going snowboarding for the first time with her cousins. (pray for us)!! :)

We stand in awe of our God.... Who loves us and cares about every detail of our lives... ---Penny

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lace 'em up for Lance Benefit

Hello again! Well I have been asigned the task of writting a blog about my dad's benefit but I guess I haven't done a very good job considering the benefit was on a Saturday and it is now Tuesday! Sorry! Anyways here it goes! On Saturday the guys from my dad's hockey team had a benefit for my dad. What started out as something we thought was just even a nice idea, ended up being so much bigger than we could have ever imagined! There were I think around 44 people that skated and so many more in the stands. (over 200) They had announcers, a national anthem singer, and even a silent auction! So many people were there for my dad and it really left me wondering why they like him so much! :) No I'm just kidding! My dad may like to tease everyone and everything in sight but we love him all the more for it! Anyways back to the game..... there were so many people there! Family, friends, and even people that we had never met before! It was truely amazing to watch everything that was going on! There was so much work that went into this event and I'm not sure how we are ever going to thank everyone! From the people who thought of and organized the event, and designed t-shirts, to those who donated stuff for the silent auction, and even to the people who I'm sure were doing things behind the scenes that we don't even know about! We would like to say a special thanks to Steve Gassman, Jack McCullough, and Joe Frayne the Lace 'em up for Lance committee, who actually came up with the idea and worked so very hard!!! THANK YOU! It was truely an amazing day! Did I mention that a news reporter even came and interveiwed my dad and he was on the 10 o'clock news??? Yeah it just kept going on and on! So thank you, thank you, thank you again to everyone who helped, donated, and even came to the benifit this weekend!!!! It means more to our family than you could ever know!! I could keep going on and on about all the amazing stuff that happened this weekend and all the fun that we had but believe me I don't think there is enough space to fill it in! So I'll end it here! I"m going to post a few pictures below of what went on this weekend, and a link to the news cast if you want to see my dad in his 15min. of fame :) Well have a good day everyone! Elisabeth

All the kids standing for the national anthem (I really like how Gavin and Gwen have there arms around each other :)

Dillan was so excited to watch her daddy skate!

Justin getting used to being on skates again

Nathan stopping so Helen can take a picture of him

Cory, I'm sure loving getting his picture taken! :)

Cory, Justin, and Nathan ready to hit the ice!

Even Hayden got to go on the ice!

If you click on the scoreboard in will get bigger. Check out the score! :)

Everyone who skated!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

God's Goodness

Has an unexpected event caused you to more deeply experience God's goodness?

I read that question somewhere awhile ago.... Didn't really think much about it then, but I can tell you now the answer is YES!! The morning of our 30th anniversary (July 2009) when we ran over to the lab for blood work for Lance, never did we think we would be sitting in the doctors office an hour later hearing he had Leukemia..... We have never been so scared....yet have never felt so safe.... We have never felt so helpless....yet been so taken care of.... God and all the people He has put around us....have held us up, encouraged us, loved and supported us.... We have experienced God's goodness over and over..... not only from those who know us but from so many we have never even met..... God's word has been a constant for us, our foundation---Firm Foundation--- When He says, " I will never leave you nor forsake you...." He means it!! When God says, "I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a future and a hope...." He means it!! We have said all along that we know we have a future and a hope, whether it is here or with our God in heaven..... but I'm so thankful for each day He gives us together here!!

Now I suppose after all'd like to hear an update on Lance!! At his appointment yesterday they told us that his doctor is gone next week so we don't have to come back down for 2 weeks!! They are not going to lower his steroids yet as he does have a little rash again. Praying that goes away as he is so ready to get off them. They did tell us if we have any problems and they gave us a list of things to watch for, to just call and we can see another doctor. Lance worked really hard this week to try and do more to build up his strength and I think he over did it as he hasn't been anywhere but the couch and bed all day today! It is hard to tell how much is to much and if its a good day he wants to take advantage of it!! And if you know Lance he is an all or nothing kind of person! I know we still have a long road ahead of us till this is over, but I just really wanted to say thank you to God and to everyone for all of your love and care!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I have not posted in a while as there really is just not a lot to pass on. I am feeling okay and just passing time waiting for this new immune system to get stronger. We are anxious for warmer weather so I can get out of the house, I am getting a little cabin fever. Elisabeth has been battling with a sinus infection over the last several weeks and has not been feeling very well but seems a little better today. She had a swim meet at the Y last weekend but had to come home she just can't get air, unfortunately she needed to swim in it to qualify for State so it looks like her swim career is over. We really enjoyed that and will miss it. Tomorrow she is traveling to some schools in Wisconsin with the jump rope team doing some performances I think this is her 8th or 9th year doing that they are fun to watch, hopefully she can breath allright. We saw in the news today that one of the guys who was in the hospital with me passed away we feel real bad for his wife she is a nice lady and Penny and her had talked a bit while we were on the transplant floor, he had come in a week after I did and never was able to come home. Makes you remember how very fortunate I have been and grateful God saw fit to make me better. Next weekend the guys on my Hockey team are throwing a benefit game for us I sure appreciate and miss those guys they have worked real hard can't wait to get back on the ice next year. Hope all of you are well. Special prayers to Stacie our receptionist at Webber Metals who is due to have a baby next week.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Iowa City

Today's appointment in Iowa City went well. The doctor is really happy with how Dad is doing! They are going to try and cut back a little more on his dosage of Steroids and see if his Graft vs. Host stays under control. We are hoping that it does!

We heard a song on the radio the other day and found it very encouraging, and wanted to share it with everyone. It's called the Arms that Hold the Universe and its by 33 miles. If you just click on the link below it should take you right to it. Thanks again for all your prayers! We'll write again soon! Elisabeth

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Iowa Games

Hey everyone! Wow we haven't blogged in a long time! Just wanted to write a quick update to let everyone know that we postponed our trip to Iowa City till Friday. We're getting a big snow storm coming in tonight and didn't want to risk having to cancel our appointment so we just changed it around a bit! Everything is well here, dad is still tired but was able to get out and walk a few times so he was happy about that! Anyways since not much going on here, I posted a picture below of what we did this weekend. Gavin, Nathan, and Cory all participated in the Iowa Games so Mom and I went out to watch them! They did so good and were all able to get on the medal stand for every event!! It was so much fun to watch them! (especially the race between Nathan and Cory in the 50 free, they ended up going 1 and 2!!) Between the three of them there were several gold, silver, and bronze medals! Well I better get going dad just yelled and said that biggest loser is about to start :) I'll try and post more pics later! Have a good night everyone! Elisabeth

This picture was taken before they had all there medals on but you get the idea :)