First of all thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers over the last year. We have decided to create a blog to have an outlet for anyone who is interested in updates on Lances condition a place to come and be informed. The title of the blog "A future and a hope" comes from Jeremiah 29:11, which is a verse that has given our family alot of comfort through these challenging times. Because as my Dad has said, no matter what happens we have already won! I would encourage you to pass on the location of this site to anyone that you may believe would be interested in updates. -Justin

Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve

I am sitting in front of the T.V listening to the oldies channel, Hits from the 70's (the greatest music ever written) and feeling a little nastalgic. This has been such a wonderful year for our family. We have had some ups and downs with my health problems, but I am so grateful for the support system that I have. I married way above myself , Penny has been the gift from God that everyone wants, 31 years and it just keeps getting better. My kids have been such a blessing to me, I have seen them grow into good Men and I am so proud of them and their families, when things get tough the cream rises to the top. I can't even begin to describe the young lady Elisabeth has turned into and I'm telling all the young men out there right now, forget it, your not good enough!! I have been blessed by my brothers and sisters who not only lined up to want to donate bone marrow for me but have showed their love in so many ways, mostly just in their eyes the concern I see. I was blessed with a great childhood and parents who have always loved and supported me and I married into a family who are my family, not inlaws and brother and sister inlaws. I'm not going to even get started on my 6 Grandkids. I have a church family that has been diligent in Prayers for me and supportive in so many ways I couldn't possibly list them all. I have a job that I love and people there who have been so patient with me needing time off and showing concern for me, that just doesn't happen everywhere, co-workers who have sent cards and e-mails and showed me a lot of support. I have been blessed with so many friends who have showed me how fortunate I am. I am looking forward to being cured and getting back on the Ice next year I miss all those guys and the game so much. Mostly I am grateful to my God who gave all this to me and I am looking forward to next year and am grateful for the year that has just passed. Bless you all. And Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Beware if the steroids!!!!!!!!!

Well, the steroids have offically set in!!! Dad spent most of today (in between naps) trying to convince me that I was Swedish so I needed give him a Swedish massage. After explaining that I didn't know what this was he spent most of the afternoon searching video's on youtube on how to give a massage which he then proceded to show me! Apparently he read in the readers digest that a swedish massage helps imporve your immune system and we all know that the readers digest doesn't lie! :) Anyways dad felt pretty good today, we always know that he's feeling a little better when he starts teasing again! I guess mom and I are going to have to start watching out for him! I posted a few pics below of what else he's been up to! ~Elisabeth

Anyone what to take a guess at what this is???

Dad working on his puzzle

If you haven't guessed what that thing is yet, it is a......... drum roll please........ head scratcher!!! Dad received his very own head scratcher yesterday from my grandparents and he is loving it!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Well there really isn't much new to say which is the best thing for now!! Lance has felt a little better than last weekend, not sure if it is the steroids (watch out Elisabeth last time he was on steroids he locked you out of the house!). He is much more mellow at least for now! Finished the puzzle we had all been working on (Thanks Kathy!) it was fun to do something different but not to tiring! We continue to thank God that we are home and are just basically enjoying the time together, at least when he is awake!! Please continue to pray that his body and the new stem cells like each other!! God is Good, Life is Good! ---Penny

Monday, December 27, 2010

Mondays Appointment in Ia City

Went to Iowa City today. Lance has not been feeling to good the last couple days but the doctor basically said that is to be expected at this point. He thinks some graft vs. host disease (GVH) might be starting. They want Lance to get a little GVH but not so much as to hurt him. So they started him on steroids and will continue to watch him. Platelets dropped more than we would have liked and they are keeping on eye on them also as it can mean that one of the virus's that lay dormant in his body can reactivate after transplant and cause some problems, but they are keeping a close eye on that also. Lots of info today and things to watch for and a few new meds. but all in all a good day....He got to come back home anyway which is great! We listened to a Chuck Swindoll CD on joy and laughter on the way home, he has such a great laugh and attitude that you can't help but laugh along so we laughed and had a great ride home!! It was a great reminder of the joy we have knowing God is in control and that no matter what we have a future and a hope in Him. Lance continues to have a great attitude and laugh! I'm so thankful for that. Elisabeth went to my Mom and Dad's and helped pick out bedspreads and helped Grandma spend some money!! Thank you all for your love and prayers we feel so blessed to have so many care for us. Please keep those prayers coming as Lance faces these weeks ahead with so many uncertainties... Thank you!! ---- Penny

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Well we've had a pretty quite Christmas just the three of us this year, but still a very good day! Dad was pretty tired today so he took lots of naps but we were able to get out for a little bit and take a walk. It snowed all day yesterday and it was so pretty outside today that I posted a few pics below that I took today on our walk! Merry Christmas everyone!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve.

Its been snowing all day in Dubuque, we have a lot of snow Elisabeth has been shoveling all day and our neighbor boys have been over and a family from our church also. Sitting in the house watching everyone work, its much prettier when you don't have to shovel. I feel good no new problems I'm sleeping a lot. I'm looking forward to tomorrow I like Christmas and am so grateful to be home . I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas and feel as fortunate to be around family as I do. I feel especially blessed this year.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Uneventful Day

Well this pic pretty much sums up what we did today. Mom and I put up the Christmas tree and dad watched us! Nothing new going on! Dad's pretty tired but really happy to be home! Have a good night everybody! ~Elisabeth

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Home!! Tired and just laying low.... Thanks to everyone for making our homecoming special! Came home to a sparkling clean house, clean driveway, presents and a little while later dinner! So thankful to be home! Thank you all for your prayers.... Doctors say we have a journey ahead of us yet but with all your love and support it makes the road easier. God is good!! ---Lance, Penny, Elisabeth and Stuart!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

We finally got out!

We got to Swisher at about 4pm. We were packed and ready by like 9 am but waited for what felt like all day to get discharged. Cory was keeping us updated on the road conditions so by the time we got to leave we knew the roads were not good enough to drive home today. A pretty emotional time saying good bye. Lance of course hugged everybody! He even went behind the desk and hugged the lady who has been in charge forever (she is so nice) all the nurses were saying they wish they had got a picture of it as she doesn't come out from behind the desk! But you know Lance he said he didn't want her to feel left out so he went right behind the desk and gave her a big hug! It was hard to leave the many friends we have been praying for, please pray for all of them with us.... God knows their names! We are so thankful to be out of the hospital! Thank you all for love, support and prayers! We heard many many lectures before we left on how careful he has to be and all the things to watch for....kind of overwhelming...... then I had to go to the pharmacy and pick up a BAG of meds. My Dad came and picked us up from the hospital and on the ride to their house Lance was saying how fast everything seem to be moving after being in his little room for so long. So not long after we got here he was in bed sleeping, which is just what he needs. Hoping to be able to drive home tomorrow! ---Penny

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Just a few pictures


Well my stuff is at my grandparents house and dad hasn't packed yet so guess who's stuff this is???? :)


Well the girls are packing up my room, Dr. Gingrich was in just a few minutes ago and said I will get out sometime tomorrow. My counts are doing well. I feel a little like I've been bad all the PA's, Drs. and Nurses keep coming in to tell me to behave when I go home and giving lectures on what I can't do and where I can't go. Right now I just want to go home. They are letting me go off the floor now as long as I wear a gown, gloves, and mask and it sure is nice to see something else. We went to the 5th floor there is no one there on the weekends but there is a grand piano and I sat and Elisabeth played for me. (It was nice) On the Medical front Dr. Gingrich says I will probably feel pretty good for the next week or two and then usually thats when the Graft to host disease could set in. I'm just supposed to walk, eat, and rest a lot. I will come back next week to get checked over. They gave us lots of phone numbers and said to call immediately if anything changes, someone answers the phone for transplant patients round the clock and they can tweak medicines or have me come back right away. We will have a meeting tomorow morning with the Pharmacist and they will go over all my homecare, I'm sure we will get a bushel basket of drugs and they are very particular about schedules, exactly when to take everything. Luckily I have nurse Penny who is more particular than any of them would be. All in all a great day I feel like everything is moving along at the stages they had predicted.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Home Free!!

Hello again! Well were very excited because they came in today and let us know that dad is offically going to be able to leave the hospital on Monday!! They would like us to stay at my grandparents house for a few days though so we can stay closer to the hospital and becuase dad will have to come back to the hospital on Wednesday for a checkup. We're excited to have a plan for when we get to go home! Not that this whole staying in the hospital thing isn't nice but ya know dad is starting to miss Stuart! :) Anyways things are going well here, dad got off of his IV pole today so thats really nice! He's been having to pull that thing around for over three weeks so he's pretty happy to be off of that! His Segs went down a little bit today so if you could pray that they will go back up we'd really appreciate it! Well I think that's everything, I posted a few pics below so you can see what's been going on up here to! ~Elisabeth

Dad's array of cards, this is just one of the two walls of cards!

This is what me and mom have to wear everytime we go into dad's room.

I'm free no more IV pole!!!

If you can't tell what dad is doing here he's trying to pull the remainder of his hair out with masking tape! Don't ask me were he got this idea from. The weird thing is it actually worked!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Just another day here for me. We met with the Doctors today and there is a chance that I can get rid of my IV Pole tomorrow they want to start switching my medications to oral in preperation for going home , and they need a few days to make sure that works out. Dr. Gingrich who is the director here in the bone marrow unit and just a super guy, has taken over for the next two weeks on the unit the Doctors rotate. He talked to us a long time today about what to expect from here on out. Basically he said I am doing very well and that I am pretty much through the part where they talk most about mortality, but he reminded us there could be some rough times ahead. Felt like he was trying to bring us down to earth a little bit as we are so excited to get to go home but most people do end up back in the hospital sometime over the next several months or so. Don't think he was trying to discourage us just wanted to remind us it will be ok but it is still a long road ahead. He said generally I will feel pretty good for next couple of weeks and then after that is when Graph Versus Host Disease (GVH) will probably set in to some degree (it can be mild to very severe to life threating) . That in his words is basically a crap shoot as far as what I will get and how bad I'll get it, That will be when I need to stay in touch with the hospital very closely and keep them posted as to what is going on with me. I will need to come back to Iowa City once or twice a week (or more) for the next twelve weeks while they monitor my blood closely. I feel very good about what will happen to me. There have been way to many good things and miracles through this whole process for me to not believe I will be fine in time. Nathan went over to the house the other night and started some work on our showers. And Cory has been working the last several nights finishing that up and cleaning and getting everything ready at our house for me to come home . Thanks Guys. Rex and Linda came and took Penny and Elisabeth out for dinner tonight and it was a welcome break for them. Its late I'll post again tomorrow. Thanks again to everyone.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 23

Day 23 in captivity!! " Let me be held captive by God.... Not by circumstances." I wrote that in my journal a few weeks before we got here and it has proven to be so true! We have joked about being held captive but truly we feel that God has been here with us through this whole thing, and being held by Him is not a bad thing!! We are not being held here by the hospital, doctors, nurses, or even the disease .....BUT GOD. He is in control.... How deep the Fathers love for us.....

Doctor is predicting Lance will get to go home Monday or Tuesday, the nurses came in this morning and thought it might be sooner but he still has four pumps hooked up so we'll see. Eating is still kind of a problem but hopefully will get better each day. As of right now Lance is the veteran on the floor! Our friend Theresa who we have been praying for had been here four days longer than Lance and she got to go home today! Praying for her and her husband and there two little boys. Lance's white count continues to drop a little each day but that is to be expected since he isn't getting those shots anymore for now. Well tonight was BINGO night, didn't win but it helped pass time and it is so much fun to watch the lady who does it. All in all a good day! Thank you for all your prayers!! ---Penny

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Well we had a very uneventful day today, the worst part was every Monday they test everyone for some kind of a virus , its a germ that people get when they are in the hospital, I think it is brought on by Antibiotics. Well I got it, we were one of only a couple patients on this floor who had not gotten it , the jest of it is Penny and everyone who come in my room now have to wear a gown and gloves all the time they are in here, and when I leave the room I have to wear a gown and gloves along with the mask I've had to wear. Its not so bad for me, but poor Penny has to wear latex gloves all day long and everytime they leave the room you have to throw everything away and put on a fresh set when you come back. Its hot and cumbersome. When we leave the hospital we don't have to do anything, I think it is just to protect the other patients with lowered immune systems but it can't hurt anyone else, the thing is pretty much everyone has it anyway I can tell the nurses really think its overkill but you have to follow the rules. Penny and Elisabeth luckily look really good in yellow and thats what they have to wear till I leave. We got our mail today from Dubuque (thanks Cory)and had lots of cards and notes from people it was really nice we have cards hanging all over my room, it looks real cheerful. My counts dropped today due to my being taken off the Nupegyn shots but that was to be expected, they are still real good, right where the Doctors want them to be. I tried to eat again today and its a chore, you would think I'd be hungry but they've pretty well ruined my taste buds and things are not at all tasty. That will come back in time I will make myself eat because that is the only way I can go home. Elisabeth taught Penny and I how to play "Imagine If " a gift from my sister Kelly and that was fun today. She took it back to Swisher tonight to try and get Grampa and Grama to play. I'm watching a Hockey game as I write this and Penny is reading. I feel stronger today and the leg and muscle aches are gone that were from the Nupegyn, I feel really good about the way things are going I think they will let me go home before to long, I just have to get weaned off everything and eat. I need to write thank you letters to so many of you for all the things you have done for us, forgive me for not being more punctual but privacy is at a premium around here and its hard to get much done. I have a new neighbor across the hall today she has 4 daughters who were swimmers in Pella and she has a new baby that was supposed to be born on December 21, (yes that date is right) it can't be a week old makes my situation seem a lot easier than many others. Thanks to all of you for your Prayers they are being answered.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Just another update

Hey everyone! A few of you have asked about sending emails to dad. So here is his email address....... It's also posted on the side of the blog if you need it. Dad is having a pretty good day today. His blood counts are really good! Actually there even better then they could have ever imagined. For dad to be able to stop taking his neupogin shots his Segs had to get to 2000 and stay there for 2 days. Well since dad can't do anything half way when they took his blood this morning his white blood count was at 7.7 and his segs were at 5080! The doctors were pretty happy about this! His white blood cells aren't really doing anything right now, (they are growing but won't work for 6 - 12 months ) but its still good to know that they are growing. Dad also was able to eat today for the first time in about 2 weeks, he was very happy about this! He's been pretty tired the last few days but the doctors said this is normal since his body is working so hard. Well nothing else new from our little room 92! :) Have a good night everybody! ~ Elisabeth

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Well I spent the whole day in my cozy little bed while all of you in the midwest had to go out and fight this nasty weather that we are having. I had the joy of watching the Packers lose, and the Bears get beat so bad that the networks cut away to a "competitive game" I've had many days at home that were not that enjoyable. I played some cribbage with my Dad and he kept up Elisabeths streak I lost again. On the medical side my counts are looking really good and if they can get me off all this medicine I may get to come home in another week or so. I did have some bloody nose this morning and they had to shoot that medicine up my nose a few times again (Thrombin) I think its called it works pretty good but kind of uncomfortable. My headaches are a little better than the last few days, and the achy feeling in my legs and hips comes and goes, instead of all the time so I think I'm getting better. I sleep a lot the nurses say that is good. The people here are so nice you wouldn't believe it I feel like I'm the only person on the floor. Penny and Elisabeth take such good care of me I think it makes the Nurses job a lot easier. Mom and Dad have been here since Friday they were going to go home today, but the weather is so bad and I'm glad they decided to stay over, I think they are going to try and go home in the morning. There are 10 other patients here right now and we are getting to know each other a little we are required to walk the hallway (which is 98 18" ceiling panels long) so it takes about 10 laps to make a mile and we pass each other a lot, you see the same people for several days and then they don't come out for a few days and their families look really scared, in a few days they are back looking a little more tired but like they made it through the next round of something. Everyone up here wants to talk to the other patients especially on your good days it makes the families feel better. I count my blessings everyday and thank God for my family and friends. Things are looking up.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday AM

Well not long after we posted last night, Lance's headache got worse and he got sick to his stomach...first time in like twenty years. He didn't feel to well all night but got up this morning and decided maybe a walk would help him feel better. Well that started an hour and a half nose bleed! Doctor decided to give him a transfusion of platelets and shot some Thrombin in his nose (no fun but it works pretty good). If the headache continues or gets worse they will do a CAT scan to be safe but he is sleeping right now so that is good. On the bright side his white count went from 0.4 to 1.8 which surprised everyone, usually you might see it go from 0.4 to 0.8 , he always has done the unusual!! Must be those strong young cells of Nathan's!! We are still waiting for the seg count to come back (the seg count has to be 2000 for two days straight before he can quit getting the shots to help increase his cell growth) as of yesterday that count was still at 0. Thank you all for praying, please pray he gets feeling better today and that the headache goes away and no more nose bleeds!! Thank You!! --Penny

Friday, December 10, 2010


Starting to engraft!!!! Lance's white count went to 0.4 this morning which means Nathan's stem cells are starting to grow!! They tell us that there is still not anything to fight infection yet, I guess they measure something called Segs. for that but it was still nice to have a positive today!! Thank you all for praying!!! Yesterday they raised the amount of anti-rejection meds. that Lance gets as they didn't feel he was getting enough. It is all a matter of balance now...... So complicated.... So glad there are so many smart people working here. Lance has been getting the same shots that Nathan had to stimulate cell growth and is feeling pretty sore and has a pretty bad headache tonight. Got a two bags of blood but didn't need platelets today.

We have been listening to a cd our church family did for us.... We are so thankful for all their love and support. We listen a little at a time to encouraging verses, jokes, songs, poems...... just hearing all our friends voices encouraging us is just awesome!! What a great idea. How blessed we feel to read emails, comments on the blog and to see the mail lady come each morning!! Thank you all!!!

So many people going through so much up here, we pray for them all and many are praying for us. Lance always has a smile and something nice to say to each one. I'm so proud of him, he has had such a great attitude!! Funny thing happen this afternoon, we are always looking for a good laugh.....anyway one of the nurses came in with a pack of toilet paper a gift from a patients family to each room here.....SOFT TOILET PAPER!!! Isn't that great!! One of life little pleasures! GOD IS GOOD!!! ---Penny

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Today was a very quiet day, after not sleeping for the last few nights I really slept last night and then took many naps today, and I feel good tonight. This morning my blood draw came back with a really low Hemoglobin count. It turns out it could only get that low through internal bleeding and I was feeling good. So the Doctors reordered all the tests and redrew blood and it came back at a better level so just a faulty lab test but it was a little scary this morning. Penny and Elisabeth found her a new scarf , hat, and gloves in the lobby (a Christmas present), I guess they have shopping down there some days. Not much else to report we played a lot of Cribbage and Elisabeth beat me. Lance

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Guess what's new????

Guess what today's side effect was????

Well other than the side effect of dad's hair falling out its been a pretty good day so far. The pain meds are working pretty good, so thankfully dad is not in too much pain. Only other new thing today is dad has developed a rash, and unfortunatly they think it is from his antibiotic so they are going to take him off it. Since dad has no white count right now its really imporatant to be on this antibiotic so that he doesn't get sick. If you could pray that they are able to solve this problem quickly and that dad doesn't get sick in the mean time we would really appreciate it!!! Oh by the way dad's Barber's name is Shannon. He said she did a really good job although took a little to much off the sides! :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More pictures

Hello again! Sorry for the gap in posting pics but I've been kind of busy lately! is some pics of whats been happening up here in the last week!

Here is the famous T-Day balloon!

This is dad's transplant certificate that the nurses gave him. They also told him that he now has two birthday's I thought it was quite funny though because the 30th just happend to be Stuart's b-day also! :)

One of the therapy dogs came to see dad the other day.

Dillan waiting in the family room

Here is dad's new IV pole. It's HUGE!!!

Here is the famous "steak in a bag" :)

Monday, December 6, 2010


Our day started a little off..... Lance didn't sleep last night as some of the symptoms caused him a lot of pain. After the doctor came in they hooked him up to a continuous pain killer drip (he should of let them do it a couple days ago....In my opinion!) Anyway they have it on the lowest setting for now (it can be adjusted as needed, he just has to tell them how he is feeling) and he is feeling much better now. He was able to sleep this afternoon and is watching Monday night football right now. So tonight is much better! None of this is unexpected, it is just a matter of keeping things under control until his counts start coming back up eventually. The mail lady came this morning and he got several cards and many emails to read and he just loves that! Keeps him in touch with the world. Thank You!!! ---Penny

Sunday, December 5, 2010


It has been a quiet day today, not much medically to report. My blood counts continue to fall, the white blood cell count has now pretty much hit as low as it can go. (0.1) That was the Doctors goal to Kill all of mine so while I feel tired and kind of flu like. Everything is going just as they expected. there are some other Chemo related things going on but nothing that shouldn't hopefully go away over the next week to ten days. Justin and Ashley came to visit today and Elisabeth watched Dillon for a while we had a nice visit they are doing really good. I watched most of the Viking game and they looked good won big and I don't care who they beat it was fun. Yesterday I spent my day teaching Elisabeth Cribbage, she spent the day and we had lots of time together which we haven't really had much of we both enjoyed it.Today was our company Christmas Party I spent a lot of time thinking I wish I was there. They have a really nice party and Buffet and I haven't ate in several days Probably won't eat for a while could be a week or two I get my steak in a bag the nurses call it. I am not hungry I just always liked to eat. We are thankful for everyone still praying for us and taking so much interest we have been very Blessed.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday's Update

Want to thank you everyone for all the encouraging emails and cards!! It is such fun for Lance when the nurse brings him mail or for him to read the emails. That really is the best way to encouraging him right now, that and all your prayers!! We've had a few people call to see about visiting but the doctor was just in and said Lance's white count is at a critical level right now, which is about 0, so he has no way to fight infection at all. So for now it would be best not to come. Doctor says only healthy immediate family at this time. Lance's counts are expected to stay at a critical level for awhile now but that is all part of the process to hopefully get him better. Not fun but neccessary! His address here is: Lance Hall, Room 7092-7RCS
c/o UI Hospitals and Clinics
200 Hawkins Drive
Iowa City, IA 52242
P.S. Do to the overwhelming requests from most of my friends Dr. Heckmann has informed me he can no longer write prescriptions for Kisses he's just been inundated. (Really Quit Calling!)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Good Reminder!

Thank you all for praying! Today was a much better day. The doctors changed Lance's pain medicine and it seemed to help the pain without putting him to sleep all day! The doctor in charge of the whole clinic was in today and wanted to know if we knew how unusual Lance's stem cell match is. He said he has been here for 30 years and they had never had a family match up like ours. To have three sons not only match but to match perfectly. He said they had gone beyond the normal matching to the really detailed and they matched perfectly! He was so excited and went through all the genetics with us. To see the excitement in his face was such a reminder of how we felt when we were told the boys had matched and what a miracle that it is, the doctor was so excited to see something he had never seen before! Such a good encouragement today and reminder once again of who is really in control in our lives!! ---Penny

Such an encouragement especially since they started Lance on what they call "Steak In a Bag" (IV nutrition) tonight since eating is not working anymore.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our Awesome God

I'm really tired tonight but wanted to write a quick update about today. Lance is starting to have some more side effects from the chemo now. Something called mucasitis (I have no idea how to spell it and I'm to tired to go ask!) Lance is such a tough guy, he made himself get up and walk, then ride the exercise bike, walk again and do leg exercises. The doctors then came in and told him to take pain meds and go to bed! The meds made him tired so he slept a lot after that. The nurses say they don't worry about telling him to take it easy because he is so self motivated and pushes himself so hard ( to hard sometimes)! Anyway he did wake up some later and played Bingo and won a t-shirt. They play it over the tv. Amazing all the things that you will do to pass time!! Please pray for him that the transplant takes and that he gets an immune system starting to grow soon. Right now he has no immune system so the side effects from the Chemo tend to get worse before they get better as you have no way to fight them off. We know God is with us, and Lance will write when he can ,but one thing he kept saying yesterday as we watched the stem cells flowing into him, was what an Amazing Creator God we have!! To think that that little bag of stem cells could give him a chance at life! Those little cells will give him a new immune system, a new blood type..... Just Amazing that anyone could think that we just happened....only an Amazing God could do this!! Thank you for praying for us. Please continue...we have only just begun this journey according to the doctors..... Trusting that God is holding us in His hands! -----Penny